Monday, April 29, 2013

A Sunny Hello :)

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Hello!  Happy Monday!  There is a DT search going on over at Case Study right now and I thought I would {gulp!} throw my hat in the ring!  This is among my very favorite challenges because each month, one of the best among us is invited to serve as "muse" and provides a different card each week for inspiration.  I love that there are no limits and that all styles are welcome and embraced!

The challenge was to select my own personal "Muse" and draw inspiration from their work -- someone whose style is different from my own, so that you'll be able to see where I drew my inspiration, but still be able to see me in it…

I chose as my "muse" Melissa Phillips of Lilybean's Paperie.  I love her vintage, often shabby chic, style.  Here embellishments are usually handmade and always fabulous.  She usually includes way more detail than I am ever comfortable with, but she always makes it work!  (hello, Tim Gunn  :)

The card I selected of hers is one of my all-time favorites.  It's amazing.  Seriously.  Check it here.

Here's my take:

Here's Melissa's masterpiece:

Melissa Phillips, Lilybean's Paperie

I was inspired by a number of things with Melissa's card -- I loved her color palette (she went with cool tones, so I went with warm! :) and her circle background, and her handmade flower embellishment…  Lots of good stuff!  :)

I'm super-pleased with the results and hope you like it too….  It's just a happy card, no?  :)

Have a great Tuesday…  be back soon with a card I made when I just had the urge to color something!


  1. Gorgeous and happy card, Jennifer! The stamping and elements are superb! Your handmade flower really adds a special touch to it! Good luck on trying out on the DT!

  2. woohoo! fabulous! love the color combo and stamping. gorgeous glower too! a HUGE good luck for the DT call!! I'm excited for you!

  3. This is stunning! What a beautiful card, and I LOVE how you created that flower! Best of luck!

  4. Perfect card (and Muse!) to pick, perfect use of stamps on your inspired card! Great work!! :)

  5. LOVE the dot circles..hope you are chosen for DT:)

  6. Such a beautiful and fun card Jen. It is so appealing. Best wishes with the DT process, they would be lucky to have you.

  7. I can see why you love Melissa's card & your take on it is fabulous! I can see them choosing you, for sure!

  8. I adore Melissa's card and how you've made it your own! Your flower is so beautiful...I gawked at it for so long...just perfect! I love the bright happy colors and the bow again. Good luck, CASE Study would be lucky to have you!


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