Friday, September 7, 2012

Missing You….

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Hello, and Happy Friday!  Today is actually a bittersweet day around here…  It's Moving Day for my little sister.  She and her boyfriend have decided to move to Key West, FL and today is the day they are heading off (literally) into the sunset!

Jessica in New England.  2009

Jessica is the baby in the family -- she came along at a time when Julie (my other sister) and I were just beginning to claim our early-teenage independence.  There are enough years between us to mean we only lived under the same roof for a very short period of time.  Julie and I had moved off to college before Jess even started kindergarten.

In my eyes, she has always been the baby (often spoiled and bratty, truth be told!  :) but in the last couple of years, I have been able to see her in a different light.  She graduated from college, moved to the Dallas area a couple of years ago, and has worked for the same company I do (in fact, I have been her boss for the last year!  ha!).  I have enjoyed watching her grow and mature and have been so proud of the way she has carried herself, both inside the work environment and out.  We have even travelled together on what have been some of my favorite vacations (like the one pictured above, where we explored the coast of Maine, enjoying the fall foliage, before heading to Quebec City).  

This is why her moving is so bittersweet….  I am happy for all the new experiences she'll have (and recognize that we only have a short period of time in our lives where we can set out unencumbered on new adventures), but I am so sad to see her go.  I will miss working with her, miss having her around, miss her.

Here's Jess's card…  When I saw this design (it's actually an embroidery pattern from the LiliPopo shop on etsy, which I just printed, paper pieced, and colored with my Copics), I knew it expressed just the emotion I was feeling…  well, that, and she's just so darned cute!

So, there it is…  Jess, I hope that Florida is all you hope it will be, that your days will be filled with sunshine and beautiful beaches, and that you will find love and laughter and much happiness in your time there…  Just know that we will be loving you and missing you here…  back home.  

Thanks for stopping by…  Here's hoping you have a fabulous weekend -- wherever you are!  I'll be back on Sunday, participating in this month's DeNami Designs Blog Hop --  see you then!  :)
This week's inspiration sketch at RetroSketches


  1. That was a sweet post Jen :) I don't live by my little sister either. A perfect card too. Hugs sweet friend :)

  2. What a sweet card, and there's clearly so much heart and emotion behind it. The image is perfect, love the piecing and the color that you added. The good news is you get to go visit Florida, right?

  3. Awwww...a sweet card for your sister! I hope you get to visit her as often as you can! Take care, hugs!

  4. Oh my this card made me shed a tear! So so sweet, and I understand the gap between years between siblings. I came along 18 years after my sister and 14 years after my brother. My sister was a Senior in HS and was there only in the same house a short six months and my brother 3 1/2. I do believe they described me the same way you have your sister. In our defense, it's not our fault we were "like" only children! :-))))

    Again, awesome card! Love Key West! :-) I am from Florida originally!

    Glad to seee someone FINALLY make a CARD from the sweet drawings:)
    The words on the string are perfect.


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