Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fairy Special!

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Hello, and Happy Tuesday!  I am so super-excited to share with you today, I'm just about ready to pop!  I mentioned here a few days ago that I had just completed my Copic Intermediate Certification and I have spent much of my crafting time since then "practicing" the techniques we learned in that class.  I have been having so much fun and it's been about all I've wanted to do for the last couple of weeks (sorry, laundry…  see ya later, feather duster!  :)

I received in the mail a couple of days ago this stamp by artist Hannah Lynn called "Bookworm Fairy" and I am in love…  She is so beautiful and sooo much fun to color!  You'll find that this card is definitely a departure for me, but I have to tell you, I'm just crazy about it!

I thought I'd present the card to you in stages so that you can see the coloring as I go…  soooo, without further ado…

Before I go any further, I must confess that the image you've seen to this point is not the one you're about to see on my card.  After I completely finished the one above, I masked it in order to color my background, which I totally, irrevocably botched.  Badly.  So, after a short, but intense, few moments of "losing it," I set out to do it all over again.  And better this time.

Isn't she beautiful?  If you love to color, I highly recommend Hannah Lynn's artwork.  So fanciful and fun!  :)

I am linking this card up to two Moxie Fab Challenges:  "Focal Point" and the "Gallon/Quart/Pint" Challenge.  You, too, can play along until Monday, September 24th.  :)

Additionally, I used this week's sketch from RetroSketches as the jumping-off point for my design.

Thank you for stopping by…  I hope you like this card!  I had so much fun making it -- twice!   haha!   :)

Talk to you soon!  


  1. Oh my word! Jen! I had no idea you were a super Copic color-er! Your well practiced *final* card is gorgeous! Like, really, really, really gorgeous! Love all the layers too. And it add to the fairy-ness that the pic looks like you took in sunset/sunrise. And did you really use 7 colors JUST on her face??? This is why I'm not on the Copic bandwagon. I'm much too impatient!

  2. Jen, this is stunning. I am generally not into fairies etc, but she is beautiful. You've brought her to life. Gorgeous!

  3. That is beautiful!!! What a cute stamp, too!

  4. Oh wow, totally gorgeous! Your coloring is amazing! I am happy to be your newest follower!

  5. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for linking this up to the Gallon/Quart/Pint Challenge in the Moxie Fab World. I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

  6. Hey Jennifer! Thanks also for linking this up to the Focal Point Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun there as well! :)


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