Sunday, June 10, 2012

This is How I Roll

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This morning I participated in a "90 Minute Scramble" hosted by the Hero Arts Flickr group.  This was not my first time participating, but it was my first time participating rather successfully!  :)  (my first two attempts resulted in near-panic attacks -- trust me: NOT pretty!!)

I had so much fun -- and even had the opportunity to practice my cleansing, deep-breathing techniques in the final 7 minutes, when after completing my card, I realized I still had to photograph it and -- another deep breath here -- forego the photoshop editing and get it uploaded.  IN. SEVEN. MINUTES!!!

Well, needless to say, this would not be a post about me basking in the glow of post-scramble euphoria (ok, maybe I'm overstating a smidge...  sue me!!!) if I didn't have a card to share...  So here it is -- remember I only had 90 minutes to conceive and give birth and photograph this baby for posterity, so be kind!  :)

Thanks for stopping by -- be sure to come back Sunday morning and check in for the DeNami Designs Blog Hop (and maybe a giveaway -- my first!  woo-hoo!  :)


  1. Aw... I adore this card! You sure did an amazing job on this Scramble challenge! It gets easier! Keep playing :)

  2. This is a great card! I've never participated in a scramble challenge...I don't think I could handle the pressure lol. You did it though...and it's a great design!

  3. Huh? Ninety minutes?! Wow! You created an amazing card! I think it would be fun, but at times it takes me hours to make a card...hehehe! Glad you had fun!

  4. Adorable card I would never have finished in time for a scramble! Sorry I wasn't able to participate this time.

  5. You did this in just 90 minutes?? WOW!! That is quite an accomplishment. I am sooooooooooooooooo slow when it comes to cardmaking. Your card is SO cute!! Awesome work on this!!

  6. OMG! I did my first 90 min scramble a couple of weeks ago-after about 89 min of frozen panic I busted one out (ok, I'm exaggerating on the time a smudge). I love your card! You did a lot with the time! I love that paper pack too :) Have a great week & try to fit some BBQ in!


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