Friday, May 17, 2013

Got a minute?? :)

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Hello, and Happy Friday!  I am excited for several reasons today…  First, my beloved Spurs won last night and are advancing to the NBA Conference finals…  (whew!).  Second, I am officially beginning my countdown to vacation -- one week from tomorrow, I will be starting a 10-day vacation (only seven work days to go!!!).

And, finally, I have several projects to share with you today that I am super-excited about!  :)

All of these have been inspired by the PaperSmooches Sparks Challenges -- a couple are from sketches and one from am inspiration photo…  Sooooo…  without further ado…  Here we go!

PaperSmooches:  Get Outta Town & My Guy

This card (which I LOVE!) was based on the sketch above (translated quite literally, I might add!).  I think it's a super-fun take on our "need to get away" every now and then!  {Side note: The last time I thought I would be super-swanky and cool and rent a convertible on my vacation, we were in Florida. In August.  It was 140 degrees with 98% humidity.  The top never came down, not even once.  True story.}

PaperSmooches:  Spring Groves,  My Guy,  &  Word Salad
Photo credit here
This card was inspired by this adorable picture (who doesn't love burlap and buttons??).  I loved the look of the stacked buttons and wanted to play with that on my card.  Pretty fun, no??  :)

PaperSmooches:  Word Salad &  Get Outta Town

This card was inspired by the sketch above.  It's a bit of a departure for me -- I wanted to keep it pretty simple -- and just let the stamps speak for themselves!  I love those little cocktails!  :)  (In fact, I might need one…  ;)

Hope you get your weekend off to a rockin' great start!  Thanks for stopping by!  :)


  1. Super cute. I'm glad you're back!

  2. Your first card is A-Mazing! So clever and well done! Love the button trees on the second and fun fun fun on your third! Good luck if you're applying for the DT. Your creations are spot on amazing!

  3. This is like Inspiration Overload here, Jennifer! So many fun and well-executed cards in one post! Love each and every one of them to pieces!! I can certainly feel your anticipation about your vacation and I'm so happy it is coming up in less than ten fingers!!

  4. woohoo! You had some fun! These are so so so FUN! Love that first one, amazing coloring ;) I'm taking notes :) Hope this next week goes by super fast! Did you see the offical DT call for 10 min craft dash? Or the Lawnscaping DT call?? *push, push, nudge, nudge*


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