Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scootin' By the Milestones!

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Hello!  Just popping in tonight with a quick post to share a card I made (with the help of my mom -- who is the world's least fussy fussy-cutter!) for my sweet niece Kenzie.

Kenzie is graduating from the 5th grade tomorrow!  I can't believe she's old enough for this already -- I know people say that all the time, but it's so true.  She is my oldest niece, and therefore the first to reach this milestone… and, though she's certainly ready, I'm not sure I am… :)

Kenzie has the sweetest personality -- she is kind and caring and generous with her affection.  She is a good friend and a great big sister.  She has a wild imagination and can spin a yarn, to be sure…  She has a flair for the dramatic and has never been one to shy away from the spotlight (some of my favorite memories are of her and her younger sister standing on my hearth like it was a stage belting out {all the romantic} songs from their favorite Disney movies, or spinning each other around and attempting actual lifts like they were on Dancing with the Stars, or filming videos of themselves acting like weather reporters on my iPhone…).  She gives the best hugs and still lets me kiss that sweet spot on the bridge of her nose that I have loved since she was a baby…

I know the day is coming when she will be too cool to be playful and silly, and probably too hip for me or her parents or her Grammie (I think my sister and I already embarrass her more than we would want to admit!)  But that day isn't here yet!!  :)  Today, even as a soon-to-be middle-schooler, she is still our sweet girl.  And we love her to pieces!!!  :)

There She Goes Clear Stamps:  Scootin' By & Scootin' By Accessories

 Love you, Kenzie!  So proud of you!!!  :)


  1. So cute! Love the playful colors. You're the worlds greatest aunt :) she sounds lovely :)

  2. What a sweet sweet post! You are an awesome aunt and I adore your fun card! So so cute!!!

  3. Awww...your niece is precious and so is the card you've made!!! Treasure every moment you can spend with her :) !!! Also thank you for your sweet comment on my blog the other day...hugs ~S~


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