Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mission: KitPossible

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Hi!  Welcome back for Round Three of Mission: KitPossible!  As you may recall, my friend Melissa Shea and I have been teaming up the past couple of months to challenge each other to use our Simon Says Stamp card kits…  Well, this month we are at it again…  And with the most challenging kit yet!  Here's a pic of the kit:

So Melissa and I exchanged cues to kickstart our mojo and had at it…  We each made a card using the other's cues and then one using our own…  

Melissa's cues to me:
  • Use the chevron circle embellishment!
  • Use the Liquid Pearls!
  • Use a border punch or other kind of punch!  {note: I confess to inadvertently cheating on this one…  I didn't mean to -- I promise!!  I was working from memory and thought I remembered the cue to be to "use a punch or a die…"  It wasn't till I came to type up this post that I realized my mistake!  ooops!}

So here's my card -- which I really like, by the way!  :)

And my cues were:
  • Make a shaped card!
  • Use any color of ink other than black!
  • Emboss something!
So here's my card -- 

I hope you like these…  I have to tell you I am so thankful for this creative push each month  -- it really forces me to look at (and use) these kits in ways I might not have otherwise!  :)

You'll want to pop by Melissa's blog to see how she has interpreted these cues…  I think she might also have a few "extras" she's already whipped up from this kit, too!  I'll be back in a couple of days with my "extras!"

Till then, here's hoping you are finding some crafty time for yourself, too!  :)


  1. This is a great challenge idea! It's so much fun to see how you each interpreted the prompts.

  2. Scrumptious cards, Jen!! Love them both!

  3. These are so pretty! I really enjoy your collaboration on these kits! I'm so in love with that always piece!

  4. Wow! Jen!!! You killed it! Your card is FANTASTIC!!! And I don't even mind the accidental cheat! LOL. It's usually me who pulls that one :) And the card from your cues is perfect!! Love that flower and the scattering of those yummy dot things! I've been wanting to collect more of those gorgeous yum yums!!! We rock :)

  5. A pretty cool push ended up with a pretty cool result!

  6. Beautiful cards!
    I think it's so fun what you and Melissa are doing with the SSS card kits!
    Always looking forward to the next card kit... because there'll be another "kit-possible"!! :) Great idea!

  7. Nice cards Jen...I LOVE the colors in this kit..But I'm having trouble getting motovated to make anything...I'll use the cues and see what happens:)

  8. Beautiful cards. I,love the colors and the embellishments. Just so pretty.

  9. Absolutely fantastic cards! You did a great job with the kit!


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